Aspergers resources

 Strategies for managing meltdowns and tantrums

Meltdowns and tantrums are an important aspect of managing Apergers and Autism. This link provides advice on managing meltdowns, preventing and understanding meltdowns.

Advice on managing meltdowns and tantrums >

 Four part guide to managing tantrums and meltdowns

A selection of Youtube videos

Ryan Judd – therapist,  using music and bubbles.

Calming techniques >

5 things you should never say to a person with Aspergers.

Insights into Aspergers >

Some of the most watched autism stories on Youtube.

Behaviours of low functioning autism >Managing low functioning autism >Five-year-old girl with moderate/severe autism >Christopher Duffley bringing joy >

A simple explanation of sensory processing disorder, which often accompanies autism.

Sensory processing disorder explained >